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Rune's PC-Museum is located in Sweden

Some other computer museum related links:

The Freeman PC Museum... Largest Collection of Vintage Computers On The Web

The Digibarn Computer Museum Great collection and a lot of interesting reading.

Commie web page -- Better red than IBM The most complete Commodore collection I ever seen on the net. More than you ever wanna know about Commodore computers, well worth a visit.

Computer History Museum a real museum in Mountain View, California, US

Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection a nice private collection of vintage computers, also includes a discussion forum.

Welcome to Excellent maintained and organized site. A lot of computer history and pictures of computers. A must to visit!

Eric Smith's Retrocomputing page Computing from the time before the IBM PC (1981). PDP11 and other stuff.

Stefan's Old Computer Collection A Dutch collector with among other stuff an interesting collection of boot screens.

Uncle Roger's Classic Computers A nice collection of old computers, most of them portable.

Gaby's Computer museum and CPM Center This site focused on CP/M and computer history.

The Museum of HP Calculators Old HP calculators, very complete collection with nice pictures!

Digital Mona Lisa-Computer Art Graphic Masterpiece: Digital Mona Lisa is an extraordinary example of computer graphics from a bygone digital time.

The Obsolete Technology Website a nice structured website with an impressive computer collection Electric Dreams, a nice little computer museum in Finland A special page about The Durango F-85 computer

Data Storage History Cloud Computing Software and Data Storage History (Thanks Megan!)

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